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When something bad happens, you have three choices, you can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you

Sorry I've been a bit slow on getting information on the website, but I had extensive eye surgery in Sept, so things should start getting on faster now.  Sorry for any inconvenience   33 Val VE5AQ

Here is another update Lois WB3EFQ

 Just heard from Anne WB1ARU. that Lois is doing very well.  She still needs a lot of therapy but she is getting there.


Welcome to all the YLs that joined YLRL at  Huntsville, Ham-fest. Your membership cards and information will be arriving in the mail soon.

33, Anne, WB1ARU - Secretary and Carol, K4SAF - Receiving Treasurer.


Please join Niece KA1ULN on Facebook .  She is one very involved YL.  You will really enjoy it.



This is a very interesting article on Solar Flares and HF Propagation. Click FDIM81 for PDF. 


There is a new net for our YLRL members.  Please go to the YLRL Net page for more information. 

Please be advised that the Tangle Net on Thursdays at 18ØØZ on 14.297MHz is having a bit of interference.  We will start there but then move up to 14.297.50MHz.  This seems to help a lot with the QRM.


Please check out the  Upcoming Event's page.  This will have upcoming events for the current month.   Also, the International YL Convention 2016 is now on as well.  This page  will only work if everyone sends me the information. 


Welcome to your new Young Ladies Radio League website. In a collaborative effort with the expertise and time of South Africa, Yvonne ZR6TBL  and Canada Val VE5AQ as well as the board of YLRL. We hope you will find it a useful resource for information about your organization.



YLRL is an organization for women with amateur radio licenses and like radio itself, extends to women all over the world. On this website you can learn about the organization, acknowledge our fore-mothers, purchase items to show your pride and connection, find out the latest information about contests and special events, and stay updated on happenings with our members.



Any questions? Our knowledgeable past president This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WB3EFQ, has agreed to field and direct queries or you can ask any officer and we will get back to you.

Come often, use the site as a tool. Let us know what you want to see here, what works and what doesn't.. Create your log-in and begin exploring.!

Many thanks to the past officers for all their hard work and welcome to all the new officers that have now stepped up to the plate.

Linda Metz KC8PKY





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Thank you for visiting our website, so glad you are here, please take time to go through the site, and most of all Enjoy!