DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest
(combines the DX YL, North American YL & YL Anniversary Party Contest


1400 UTC Oct 5, 2019 to 0200 UTC Oct 7, 2019


All licensed women operators throughout the world are invited to participate. YL groups/clubs may also may also participate provided the YLs operating are listed at the end of the log. Only YLRL members are eligible for the Corcoran and Hager awards.


DX YLs call "CQ North American YL". North American YLs call "CQ DX YL."


All bands may be used except WARC bands. Contacts with OMs do not count. Net contacts and repeater contacts do not count. Participants may work only 24 hours of the 36 hours in each contest. Operating breaks should be shown in the log.


Station worked, QSO number, RS(T), ARRL section/VE province/country. Entries in log should also show time, band, date, and transmitter power.


  1. Phone and CW and SSB will be scored as separate contests. Digital contacts (RTTY, PSK31, etc) count as CW. Submit separate logs for each contest.
  2. All YLs within one of the U.S. ARRL sections or within a Canadian province shall score one point for each QSO with another station located within a section or province."
  3. Score two points for each contact with a station not located within an ARRL section or province or on another continent, i.e., DX. (DX stations are defined as those not located within an ARRL section or province.)
  4. Multiply the number of QSOs by the total number of different ARRL sections/VE provinces/countries worked. A multiplier is counted only once in each mode (ie SSB, CW).
  5. Contestants running 5W or less will be considered QRP and earn a power factor of 3. Contestants running 5W to 100W will be considered low power and earn a power factor of 1.5. Contestants running over 100W will be high power. If no transmitter power is listed on logs, no power factor will be given.


All logs must show your ARRL section/VE province/country to qualify for awards.

Logs must show the station worked, QSO number, RS(T) given and received, ARRL section/VE province/country of the station worked.

The time, band, date and transmitter power should also be included. Logs must also state the power output used and the operating breaks taken. If you have 200 or more QSOs, submit a separate log for each band and submit a "dupe" sheet.

Remember to file separate logs for each mode. Logs must show claimed score. All logs go to the current YLRL Vice President and must be submitted within 30 days of contest ends.

At the moment, please use this form for logging.  Click Here and then either snail mail or email your logs to the Vice President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are working on getting it set up so that you can use cabrillo format which is supported by every contest log software including N3FJP and N1MM.